Preview the Claire Pettibone Autumn 2016 Collection

The Gilded Age from Claire Pettibone

The new Claire Pettibone Fall (Autumn) 2016 collection has dropped, and it’s a vision of opulence, gilded with golds, silvers and metallics, regal necklines and detailed beading. And every bride worth their salt will want to try on every single dress from the 18-piece collection, like immediately.

Claire PettiboneAt their annual show in New York, wedding dress designer Claire and her husband and business partner Guy showcased their Gilded Age collection in the grand Prince George ballroom. The venue was certainly aptly-named for the collection: every piece has an air of regal charm – a nod to an age of bygone royalty.

Claire PettibonePettibone says: “It was a time of opulence, exuberance, decadence and extravagance. The collection is about encompassing the imagination and artistry of a bygone era, alluding to a dream world where beauty reigns.”
Claire Pettibone Claire Pettibone Claire PettiboneUnusual vintage colours, fabrics, and pearls create a sepia-toned vintage vision, rich with detail. There’s also a modern twist, with hints of duck-egg blue, black, and on-trend scalloped edging on necklines and hems.Claire Pettibone Claire Pettibone Claire Pettibone
The Gilded Age is a collection of effortlessly timeless pieces that perfectly combines the old with the new, the grand with the romantic, and the opulent with the classic.

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