Wedding Planning From Home

The virtual world has been growing, and wedding planning is no exception.  As much as we like to go out and do our business in person, with the COVID-19 pandemic, that is becoming increasingly difficult.  Some businesses are closed, and others have had to change the way they do business.  Often, the customer limit in a store is limited. There …


How To Postpone Your Wedding During Covid-19

Though the idea of postponing your wedding may not be ideal, we are definitely in different and difficult times right now.  The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have advised that large group gatherings be limited in number.  Due to the recommendation, many couples have made the difficult decision to postpone wedding celebrations. …

Wedding Gift

Gift Registry Etiquette for Postponed Weddings

Drastic times can call for drastic measures.  Nobody wants to be in a situation where they have to postpone their wedding, but 2020 has added a lot to our plates.  With the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, many people who have planned a wedding face a difficult decision.  With that decision comes a lot of questions.  For instance, what if …

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Backyard Weddings – A Great Option For 2021

Backyard weddings have come and gone in terms of popularity.  Some years the idea has been popular, and some years, people have preferred a larger venue.  With the COVID-19 pandemic that we are in the midst of, we see a rise in the popularity of the backyard wedding again. Because of social distancing orders and group gathering regulations, many people …

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How To Change Your Wedding Date

Restrictions on gatherings that have been put in place due to COVID-19 are forcing many couples to postpone wedding plans for a future date.  Though it is not an ideal situation, it is doable. The big question is, how do you inform the guests?  There are a few different options for informing your guests, depending on the amount of time …