Wedding Planning From Home

The virtual world has been growing, and wedding planning is no exception.  As much as we like to go out and do our business in person, with the COVID-19 pandemic, that is becoming increasingly difficult.  Some businesses are closed, and others have had to change the way they do business.  Often, the customer limit in a store is limited. There are other regulations, such as wearing a face mask and maintaining distance from others.

With that, many people are starting the wedding planning process from the comfort of their own home.  If you have recently become engaged, do not let COVID-19 stop you from planning the wedding of your dreams.  Many vendors have even adapted to this process and will help and guide you along the way.

Consider Your Budget

Setting a budget will help you with the rest of the planning process.  Knowing what you are willing to spend will aid in making some of the big decisions.  And, even though large gatherings are currently limited, venues are booking 12-18 months in advance. 

It is an excellent place to start with venues booking up for the busy wedding season and weekend dates.  One thing to consider in this scenario is whether the venue offers booking insurance.  If you have to change your date, will the venue honor and booking deposit and be flexible enough to work through the circumstances.

Choose the Date

Choosing a date can be difficult as we navigate through COVID-19 and the regulations and restrictions in place.  Having a date in place will help you to continue with the rest of the planning.  You will want to ensure that your vendors will be flexible and work with you if you choose a date and there are still gathering restrictions.

On average, engagements are 12 -18 months, so that gives you a guideline for setting the date.  Choose something you feel comfortable with and continue the planning process from there.

What is your Vision?

Some people dream about their wedding even before they are engaged.  After you have determined your budget and set a date, it is time to make your vision come to life. 

You may have your own ideas or decide to turn to various social media and internet sites to spark creativity.  Everyone wants a memorable wedding that suits his or her lifestyle and tastes.  Browse online sites and magazines and use your imagination to create the perfect wedding scenario.

Having some ideas in mind before you go to the florist and the caterer will be helpful.  If you already have a vision of what you want, the professionals will be able to help you fine-tune the details!

Research the Vendors

Once you have a budget and a date, it is time to build the rest of your team.  Though COVID-19 has changed how some things are done, wedding vendors are still in full swing to make dreams come true.  In fact, most are working even more closely with clients to ensure the event goes off without a hitch – so you can still get hitched.

Photographers, florists, caterers, they all want your event to be a success.  Along with their regular duties, many vendors are also helping couples make alternate plans in case something occurs that the event can’t be held on the planned date.

If you feel overwhelmed, you can always hire a wedding planner to help get you through it.  That takes a lot of the pressure off of yourself when you have other things to do.  Wedding planners are experienced in the field and have been working on easing the stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hold Virtual Meetings

If you cannot meet with vendors in person, you can meet with them online to work on some of the details.  Meeting with vendors online will give you a feel for them and allow you to put a face to the person working with you.

A face-to-face meeting is generally better than strictly using electronic communication as there is less chance of misunderstanding.  Once you have decided which vendors you will use, make sure you are communication frequently so that you can discuss any details as they arise.

Since things are unpredictable right now and the coronavirus could potentially delay things further, it is essential to discuss the possibilities with your vendors from the start to ensure you agree on the protocol that will be followed.  There should be a plan in case the wedding needs to be postponed, or you have to downsize the number of guests.

Tour Venues Virtually

Monkey Island - Wedding Venues

Many venues for large events such as weddings are offering virtual tours so that couples can look at them from the comfort of the couch.  Taking an online tour will give you an idea of the layout and allow you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

With a virtual tour, many are still interactive.  You will have an opportunity to discuss table arrangements, menu options and see guest rooms at a hotel.  Vendors are doing everything they can to make planning from home a lot easier.

Even for a virtual tour, you will want to be prepared.  Write out a list of questions ahead of time to ensure you get all of the information you are need.  Contact the venue before the tour and let them know what specific things you are looking for so that they will understand what is important to you.  You may even want to ask to speak to the chef about menu options.

Consider Wedding Insurance

Some couples choose to get wedding insurance. The idea is becoming quite popular since the coronavirus has made the future uncertain.  If you are thinking about wedding insurance, the sooner you get it, the better.  More options will be available and at better prices.

The Registry

Wedding Gift
Gift Registry

Another task you can do from home is to create your wedding registry.  It is a good idea to get your registry done early in the planning stages.  Having a completed registry means that guests can also start preparing for the big day.

Gather your Contact Information

You will want to have contact information for all of your guests.  Mailing addresses are a must for the invitation. Still, it is also a good idea to have an email and phone number for each guest.  That will allow you to contact people quickly if things have to be changed from the original plan.

Make a Wedding Day Timeline

You will want a timeline for events of the day.  Having a timeline will allow you to start focusing on the smaller details and ensure that everything will run smoothly.  A planner can help you with this part, but if you do not intend to use a planner, there are many ideas available online.

This is where you get to kick back on your couch and open up Pinterest.

What’s on the Menu?

Wedding Cake Inspiration - Tiffany Lamp

Now is a great time to start planning the menu.  Brainstorm ideas about the kind of meal you and your significant other would like to have and then contact the venue’s chef.  Once you know what you would like, you will be able to discuss the available options.

Plan the Music

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

Start thinking about the songs you would like at your reception.  Even if you hire a DJ, you can still make a playlist to ensure your favorite songs get airtime.  Perhaps you have memorable songs you and your friends always dance to or a song that is important to you and your future spouse.  Make lists for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dance party afterward!

Even though the wedding scene does not look the same since the onslaught of COVID-19, there are a lot of things you can still do in preparation for the big day. 

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