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Our favourite bridal accessories trends for 2016

Swoon at these to-die-for bridal accessories trends as advised by accessories queen Victoria Millésime

Every so often during a bride’s journey to the aisle, the stars align, and she finds exactly what she’s looking for. I’m thrilled to say that when I met Vicky, owner and designer at bridal accessories boutique Victoria Millésime, she totally understood my bridal vision for vintage bling and I came away with a stunning piece for my own wedding (shh, it’s a secret). Today, she gives her astute advice on the best bridal accessories trends for 2016, exclusive to Bouquet Catch.

Vicky says:

Having designed bridal accessories since 2009, I have seen quite a lot of trends over the last few years, some which are proving quite timeless (the Gatsby Bridal Headpieces are still just as popular as ever!), but there are definitely a few key trends which have emerged for 2016.

1. Metallics

Victoria Millesime - Gold Dust Grecian Tendril Hair Comb - Wedding Accessories

Metallics started their upward trend in 2014 when yellow gold began making its come-back. Remember back in the 2000s, when you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything other than silver? Well those days are gone – it is very rare today that I wear anything silver. Yellow gold has a much warmer tone which complements many complexions. In addition to yellow gold, the darker platinum and rose gold (so popular for 2016 it has its very own category, see below) are also extremely popular. Our Gold Dust Collection features lots of gold and rose gold bridal headpieces, like the beautiful Grecian Tendril Hair Comb in the image above.

This trend for gold jewellery and gold bridal accessories is carried through to wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses (or is it the other way around?), like in this beautiful wedding dress with gold beaded sleeves from Luella’s Boudoir.

Gold Grecian Wedding Dress

2. Bridal Crowns and Halos

Victoria Millesime - Odette Gold Orchid Bridal Crown - Wedding Accessories

Ethereal bridal crowns and bridal halos, like the Odette Bridal Halo from my Gold Dust Collection shown above, are very popular for 2016 – whether soft and delicate, made from hand wired pearls and crystals, or large and organic from natural flowers. Bridal crowns (and their sister, bridal halos), can be worn in a number of ways, including across the forehead, further back like a traditional headband, or even wrapped around a bun at the back of the head.

3. Rose Quartz and Tranquility Blue

Victoria Millesime - Flower Queen Rose Tiara

This year, Pantone decided to throw caution to the wind and chose two colours of the year for 2016: Rose Quartz and Tranquility Blue. I have to admit I do rather love them both though, and can see how Pantone couldn’t choose between the two, as well as how, as a pair, they reinforce and enrich each other. These two colours are also ideal for wedding accessories. Rose Quartz is a perfect continuum of blush pink (which has been so popular for many years now, with good reason!) and is so beautifully soft and feminine. Tranquility Blue is also becoming very popular for wedding accessories as brides choose to incorporate this pale blue into their headpiece for their ‘something blue’. Using Swarovski crystals is a lovely and subtle way of incorporating either Rose Quartz or Tranquillity Blue into your wedding accessories, like in the Flower Queen Rose Tiara shown above.

4. Rose Gold

Victoria Millesime - Rose Gold Bridal Halo - Wedding Accessories

If 2015 was the year of yellow gold (which isn’t going anywhere by the way!), then 2016 will almost certainly be rose gold’s year. This slightly softer and more feminine metal, made by combining 4% silver, 71% gold and 25% copper, is just perfect for bridal accessories, and pairs beautifully with Pantone’s colour of the year Rose Quartz. Rose gold wedding accessories, like my Rose Gold Bridal Halo shown above, are also gorgeous when matched with ivory freshwater pearls, as the light ivory highlights the blush pink tones of the metal.

5. Gatsby / War and Peace

Victoria Millesime - Celebration Art Deco Headpiece - Wedding Accessories

The Great Gatsby (and Downton Abbey) was a huge inspiration for bridal accessories over recent years, and continues to be very popular this year. However many brides are choosing a slight twist on the Gatsby headpieces by drawing inspiration from the BBC’s period drama War and Peace, which features the gorgeous Lily James (did you recognise her from Downton Abbey?). Set in Russia a century before Gatsby and Downton, the beautiful headpieces and combs are still as striking as ever. Our Celebration Collection has a large selection of War and Peace and Great Gatsby inspired headpieces, like the Art Deco Side Tiara shown above.

Have you been inspired to incorporate any of these trends in your own wedding?

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