How to choose a wedding dress

The most wonderful thing about women is that we’re not all made alike. When we consider how to choose a wedding dress – pretty much the most important garment we’ll ever buy –  the idea of choosing a ‘uniform’ wedding style is almost impossible. That’s why most brides say that the dress they end up with is never the one they expected: what looks good in our heads and on the hanger almost certainly looks completely the opposite when actually on our bodies.

Which one of the below shapes do you most identify with? Or are you a little bit of a pear and apple combo? (Don’t worry if you are; everyone loves a fruit salad).

Body Shapes

The key is identifying the truth about your body – not just that you think you have huge thighs – but the actual truth. Are your shoulders wider than your hips? You could be an inverted triangle who would look beautiful in a mermaid style. More to love? Try an empire. Or, quite simply, if you’ve got the curves and want everyone to admire you as you saunter down the aisle: go for a figure-hugging trumpet.

Ultimately, you’re the best judge of what looks good on YOU. I’ve read a million blogs that give exact advice on what looks good and what you should avoid if you’re tall/broad/slender/athletic, but one dress on one bride might look completely different on another, even if they do fall into the same body shape category.

So enjoy this glossary of terms but don’t be a slave to it; it’s your day so choose the cut you love for your shape.

A-Line Ballgown Drop Waist Empire Fit and Flare
1. A-Line 2. Ballgown 3. Drop Waist 4. Empire 5. Fit and Flare
Mermaid Princess Sheath Tea-Length Trumpet
6. Mermaid 7. Princess 8. Sheath 9. Tea-Length 10. Trumpet

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