Why we love handmade wedding invitations

Happy Whale - handmade wedding invitations

Personalised, handmade wedding invitations to make your W-Day special

Since the trend for craft, vintage and DIY weddings shows no signs of slowing down, we thought we’d ask the experts about to what to look for when choosing your handmade wedding invitations. Cathy Whaley at the Happy Whale Hand-Made Card Company, creators of hand-crafted stationery design, talks to Bouquet Catch about how to choose your homemade wedding invitations. “When planning your wedding, it’s tempting to concentrate initially principally on the dress, the flowers and where you will hold your special day but don’t forget that before your guests arrive, the scene of your wedding will already be set by the stationery that you choose...

The best wedding day nails to enhance your wedding ring

Wedding Day Nails

Inspiration for wedding day nails

With wedding day nails, the devil’s in the detail. Classic, colourful or crazy, your talons are a super important part of your wedding day style. They can really set off your dress, your bouquet and your overall theme, without shouting too loudly over your dress. That’s why popular wedding colours are still soft pinks, nudes and pastels to complement your wedding dress, with crystals and embellishments to complement your engagement and wedding rings...

Sarah and Dan: A humanist wedding ceremony with handmade, vintage vibes

Sarah and Dan - A humanist wedding ceremony with handmade, vintage vibes - 463

Scientists Sarah and Dan opted for a personal humanist wedding ceremony

Sarah and Dan always knew their wedding was never going to be the most traditional, and so a humanist wedding ceremony combined with a DIY, vintage wedding day made for the perfect combination...

Our favourite bridal accessories trends for 2016

Simply Beautiful Bridal Accessories Trends

Swoon at these to-die-for bridal accessories trends as advised by accessories queen Victoria Millésime

Every so often during a bride’s journey to the aisle, the stars align, and she finds exactly what she’s looking for. I’m thrilled to say that when I met Vicky, owner and designer at bridal accessories boutique Victoria Millésime, she totally understood my bridal vision for vintage bling and I came away with a stunning piece for my own wedding (shh, it’s a secret)...

Weird and wonderful wedding cake inspiration

Wedding Cake Inspiration - Cake Styles

Unusual wedding cake inspiration for the offbeat bride

Here at Bouquet Catch, if it’s iced, yummy and wedding-shaped, we’ll eat it. Never ones to turn down a good wedding fair, last week we popped along to Cake International at Alexandra Palace and the Wedding Fair at the Excel to get some inspiration (and grab a few free samples!). What we found was that the ‘trend’ for wedding cakes to look a certain way or follow a certain convention is fading; rather, post-Great British Bake Off, styles are getting more and more experimental and imaginative...