Review: Say Yes to the Dress UK

Confetti and Lace Window - Say Yes to the Dress UK

Say Yes to the Dress UK is finally here!

First, there was Say Yes to the Dress, New York. Then came Atlanta. Then Canada. Now, it’s the turn of Say Yes to the Dress UK on TLC, and if you’re a wedding dress obsessive like me, you’ll know that it’s about bloody time. If you’re up to speed on your wedding dress trivia (and let’s face it, if you’re getting married then you probably are), you’ll probably have already heard of David Emanuel, designer of the Princess Diana wedding dress, a fashion masterpiece remembered primarily by its 25-foot train...

How much does an average wedding cost?

Piggy Bank - How Much Does An Average Wedding Cost

The question on every budget-savvy couple’s lips: How much does an average wedding cost?

One of the first questions bride-to-bes ask when setting aside their budget is “how much does an average wedding cost?” Firstly, there’s no such thing as an ‘average’ wedding day, because all weddings are unique and all brides will have a different budget! What’s important is that you set a budget and try to stick to it, or if you think you’re going over budget in one area, pull back in another...

Sarah and Dan: A humanist wedding ceremony with handmade, vintage vibes

Sarah and Dan - A humanist wedding ceremony with handmade, vintage vibes - 463

Scientists Sarah and Dan opted for a personal humanist wedding ceremony

Sarah and Dan always knew their wedding was never going to be the most traditional, and so a humanist wedding ceremony combined with a DIY, vintage wedding day made for the perfect combination...

8 tips for choosing a great live wedding band

Simply Swing Band - Wedding Entertainment

Musical director and founder of Simply Swing Band Sandra Lambert shares her 8 tips for choosing a great live wedding band

Here’s everything you need to know about making your live wedding band memorable.

1. Book a professional band

This may sound obvious but what works in a pub probably won’t work at your wedding. Always go for a professional live wedding band who are used to big events...

Laura and Martin: An all-English winter wedding love story

Love Story: Laura and Martin

Class, cars and Christmas: This winter wedding love story is as classic as they come

Laura and Martin’s winter wedding was an all-English affair, hosted at Fishbourne Parish Church and Goodwood House in Laura’s childhood home town of Chichester. Laura tells her classic tale to Bouquet Catch. We met one frosty evening in Winchester, Christmas 2009, at a friends’ festive house-party. We got on really well and ended up having a drunken dance in the pub together...