Alex and Adam: A gorgeous craft wedding using only local suppliers

Adam & Alex - Craft Wedding 47

Alex and Adam kept their craft wedding simple with a sweet, homegrown affair

Childhood sweethearts, Alex and Adam’s craft wedding day was sweet and simple, packed with loads of homemade touches. The pair met when they were 12 and 13 years old at a family BBQ in their home town of Boston, Lincolnshire, where it was love at first sight. They attended the same secondary school, and starting dating shortly afterwards...

Sarah and Dan: A humanist wedding ceremony with handmade, vintage vibes

Sarah and Dan - A humanist wedding ceremony with handmade, vintage vibes - 463

Scientists Sarah and Dan opted for a personal humanist wedding ceremony

Sarah and Dan always knew their wedding was never going to be the most traditional, and so a humanist wedding ceremony combined with a DIY, vintage wedding day made for the perfect combination...

Marianne and Jack: A glorious summer wedding

Marianne and Jack - Nonsuch Manor

Lovebirds Marianne and Jack held a glorious summer wedding at Nonsuch Mansion

This love story begins on 28th June 2008 and is cemented on 27th June 2015 – almost 7 years to the day since Marianne and Jack first met through Jack’s best friend (and best man), Julian. Marianne tells her summer wedding love story to Bouquet Catch. We first met at our mutual friend Julian’s birthday, although thanks to the consumption of quite a lot of wine on my part I think I spent most of the night talking AT him...

Christine and Tarryn: How to plan an amazing wedding day in just 3 weeks

Love Story: Christine and Tarryn amazing wedding day

An amazing wedding day with Scottish, Filipino and basketball influences

The groom wore tartan; the bride wore trainers. This was no ordinary wedding. From the start, Christine and Tarryn knew they wanted an amazing wedding day but due to personal circumstances they had just three weeks to plan – just like in our favourite wedding TV programme Don’t Tell the Bride. Christine tells her beautiful wedding day tale to Bouquet Catch...

Laura and Martin: An all-English winter wedding love story

Love Story: Laura and Martin

Class, cars and Christmas: This winter wedding love story is as classic as they come

Laura and Martin’s winter wedding was an all-English affair, hosted at Fishbourne Parish Church and Goodwood House in Laura’s childhood home town of Chichester. Laura tells her classic tale to Bouquet Catch. We met one frosty evening in Winchester, Christmas 2009, at a friends’ festive house-party. We got on really well and ended up having a drunken dance in the pub together...