How to get your wedding videographer and photographer to work together

Wedding Videographer - Harmony

Get your wedding videographer and wedding photographer working in perfect harmony on your big day

One of the biggest wedding day regrets that keeps coming up time and time again is not hiring a wedding videographer. To not hire a wedding photographer would be lunacy, but a videographer? Industry expert and Bristol-based wedding photographer Albert Palmer shares his experiences of how to choose a great wedding videographer and get them working well with your wedding photographer so you don’t have any regrets...

Photojournalism or traditional wedding photography?

Tony Fanning Photography - Soughton Hall

Wales-based photographer Tony Fanning debunks the myths of wedding photography

Look through ten wedding photographers’ websites and you’ll most likely see they all describe their style differently: Modern, fresh, contemporary, photojournalistic (PJ), lifestyle, documentary, fashion, reportage, magazine-style, artistic, story-telling, or some other made-up word for wedding photography. Inevitably, you may be left feeling completely confused. “What do we want?” “What should we have?” “Arrgghhhh!” You want photos of your guests laughing, crying, hugging, dancing and relaxed images of you and your husband looking amazing, but pretty much unposed? You need a PJ wedding photographer...