Summer engagement shoot in a Brighton orchard

Natalie & Graham in Brighton - summer engagement shoot -

Bouquet Catch is back! To celebrate, here’s Natalie and Graham’s summer engagement shoot

And we’re back! Thank you so much for your patience over the past month while our editor, Natalie R Harris, tied the knot. It truly was the most spectacular day of her life. Full detailed post of her wedding to follow, but in the meantime, let’s cast our minds back to warmer, longer days in the summer, when Natalie and her fiancé Graham, deep in the creative throes of planning a wedding, paid a little trip with their extra-talented wedding photographer Chris Giles to Brighton, for their summer engagement shoot...

A mountain-top proposal

Grandfather Mountain

I’m getting married! Wait, what?

As unlikely as it sounds, I did not set up Bouquet Catch as a proposal hint. I did it because I genuinely love everything about weddings, with a vague idea that one day I’d get married myself. Of course, my partner Graham and I had discussed it, but neither of us were in any particular rush; when you know you’ve met the right person, it seems like an inevitably that some day you’ll commit...

Love Story: Katie and Chris

Katie and Chris Engagement

One year to go!

Counting down the days to your wedding love story can be as frustrating as it is exhilarating…but how do you feel when you reach the ‘one year to go’ milestone? ‘Love story’ couple Katie and Chris are about to embark on the biggest day of their lives; they just need to wait another year. Growing up less than three miles away from each other on neighbouring farms, Katie and Chris had no idea that their lives would entwine many years later...