The 7 things no one ever tells you about wedding dress shopping

Wedding Dresses Hanging Up

Blogger Dawn Jenner from March to the Aisle shares her top tips on wedding dress shopping

If you’re anything like me, wedding dress shopping is (or was) one of the things that got you really excited when you looked at the wedding to-do list. The idea of having a few of your closest friends or family come for a day of trying on lots of gorgeous dresses whilst drinking champagne definitely appealed to me...

Backless wonders

Backless Wedding Dresses

Show some skin

I‘ve always been a fan of those who dare to bare in a backless dress on their wedding day – it’s your ‘look at me’ moment, so why the hell not? The classiest way to bare (in my humble opinion) is through a flash of flesh as you walk down the aisle…let your guests admire the back of you as you saunter past them in all your finery...