Taking a break from wedding blogging…be back soon!

Lots of love for wedding blogging – but it’s time for a break

You may have noticed that Bouquet Catch has been on extended hiatus for a while. This is for a number of reasons:

1) Its editor, Natalie Harris-Spencer (me!), just got married! I’ve being enjoying married life far too much and spending time with my amazing husband, G

2) I have numerous other projects on the go – my London lifestyle blog, The Edible Editor, as finally trying to crack my first novel. Not to mention travelling all over the world every other month with my wonderful company, Sony

3) As much as I adore all-things wedding-y, mine is over. Lots of people have since come up to me and asked if I missed all the planning and bridal excitement. The truth is: absolutely not! We had our wedding day, and it was perfect in every way. But it’s over, and I don’t miss it at all

Natalie and Graham - wedding blogging

So that’s it from me for a while – I will breathe life back into Bouquet Catch at some point in the future when life has settled down a bit, but with so many exciting life plans on our horizon, I just want to take a step back and enjoy spending some quality time with my husband and cat.

For me, Bouquet Catch has always been about the quality of the editorial and telling meaningful stories about real couples and their real weddings. I hope I have done just that!

Thank you to everyone who’s read and followed my blog over the past couple of years – couples, suppliers, wedding industry experts, bloggers and friends – it’s been a super fun project.

So for now, so long (not goodbye)…I’ll be back soon!

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