Vicky and Matt: A rainbow-themed vow renewal in the Welsh countryside

A vibrant, rainbow, countryside vow renewal to celebrate seven happy years together

Sometimes, it’s difficult to remember that it’s not just about the wedding day, but about what happens next. Vicky and Matt had been married for seven years when they decided to hold a vow renewal at a wedding venue they owned to celebrate the rainbow of emotions they had experienced as man and wife. Seven colours for seven years…we can’t think of anything more fitting.

Vicky tells her vow renewal story to Bouquet Catch.Chris-Morse_032_vow renewal

“We met online in 2004 when Matt was away with the marines in Iraq and I lived in Nottingham. Our first wedding was on 13th June 2009 at St. Paul’s Church, Nottingham, with the reception held at the picturesque Nottingham University building.

After four months of planning, Matt and I renewed our vows on 24th September 2016, mainly because we got the seven-year itch(!), but also because we wanted to be the first ever wedding event at our newly-refurbished venue, Tyn Dwr Hall, in Llangollen, North Wales. We bought Tyn Dwr Hall together, and we were the first wedding in all its history. We wanted to use our own venue so that we could experience our wedding day magic all over again for our vow renewal. We must say it really is the perfect venue!

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I choose a rainbow theme for our renewal, as I really wanted a lot of colour. Plus, you only get a rainbow with a mixture of sunshine and rain, and we had a lot of sunshine but also had some rain in our marriage over the past seven years. We wanted the rainbow to reflect that regardless of the ups and downs, you can create something beautiful if you stay strong and work together.

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I had seven girls each in a different colour from the rainbow, two bridesmaids in vintage dresses like my Essence of Australia wedding dress, and a flower girl in a multi-coloured tutu dress. My hair was by Jades of Llangollen and my make up was by Shula Roberts.

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Our sons were best man and page boy in tweed suits to match the groom, with rainbow braces. We also had seven groomsmen each wearing different colour braces to match the rainbow theme. Everything looked so beautiful when it was all put together.

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The whole day ran perfectly from start to finish. I had so much emotion getting ready, and then seeing my Dad’s face. I remember walking down the aisle towards Matt and our two boys looking so handsome in matching suits.
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I remember the emotion of everyone involved. I think because everyone had worked so hard on the renovations of the hall for so long, that when it was finally complete, the emotions were overwhelming. Our dream and vision had become a reality, and to share in it with the people most important to us was amazing. Sadly, we had suffered a miscarriage during the renovation of the venue, but found out we were pregnant again just before our vow renewal. As the first baby born after a miscarriage is known as a ‘rainbow baby’, it seemed apt to continue this into our theme. It was wonderful watching our son announce our happy news during his best man speech, much to the surprise of our guests.

Chris-Morse_033_vow renewal

We had fantastic suppliers. The food by Wild Garlic Catering was out of this world, and the flowers, supplied by Vivid Floral Design were breathtaking. Our photographer Chris Morse really captured the vibrancy of our rainbow theme.

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All the elements came together to make our Hall and our vow renewal day so magical. I have no regrets at all, but if we did it again in another seven years I’d have a different theme…maybe fancy dress! My advice to other brides would be to enjoy the experience, make notes, go to wedding fairs, and be organised well before your date so you’re not rushing around at the last minute. It’s stressful enough getting married so don’t over-complicate things. Take help offered and keep your feet on the ground, and don’t loose sight that after all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears, it’s actually about a marriage, not a day!

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Of course, we welcome all brides and grooms to come view our fabulous venue, Tyn Dwr Hall. It was so special for us and we’re so glad we got to be the first ones to test drive it before we opened the doors to other couples.”
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