Men’s wedding accessories: Do you tie the knot or not?

Ties – bow or skinny? Here’s our lowdown on men’s wedding accessories

OK, so your groom might not have accessories at the top of his priority list, but it’s the little details like the pops of colour around your man’s neck that are really going to enhance your theme. Bouquet Catch speaks to Tempest London about the latest trends in groom men’s wedding accessories including neckwear, groomsmen attire and making a statement.

Men's wedding accessories - Man's tie

Matchy, matchy

You may be forgiven for thinking that the wedding day is all about the bride. These days, while brides remain the primary focus (of course!), the groom and groomsmen are also much more involved at all stages. We’re noticing a trend for wedding couples looking to totally co-ordinate to fit the theme for their big day. This can mean matching ties and pocket squares for the groom and groomsmen, for example. For some Asian weddings, complementary and themed approaches to attire can even extend to matching head coverings for a Sikh wedding, for example. We’ve even seen the groom’s entourage of 150 plus people all wearing matching ties and bow ties. Such displays can add much to the drama of the occasion. Remember, the key is to complement your other half whilst expressing yourself.

Men's wedding accessories - Burgundy striped tie
Men's wedding accessories - Floral tie

Colour match

Once you have an idea of the colour palette for your wedding, you can start to think about selecting your gentlemen’s accessories. Try and get a swatch showing the colours you are looking to work with, which can then be held up against accessories while browsing. While it may not seem very ‘manly’ to carry the swatch around, you may end up regretting it if you purchase something based on a rough inclination as to the colours you need. If this is not possible, then we would suggest that you take a picture of any relevant colours at the very least.

Men's wedding accessories - Red tie knot

Accessorise your entourage

In line with your theme, the next step is to select which family and friends you want to co-ordinate. Once you have all of this information, the fun starts. If you are planning to co-ordinate a large group then it can be difficult to get the items in the numbers required. What if you want the adults to wear ties and the children to wear bow ties? Forward planning is required to try and get the items needed, and even then it can prove difficult!

Men's wedding accessories - Matching groomsmen

Bow or skinny tie?

More and more grooms are wearing bow ties and skinny ties in line with today’s trends. However, it is more difficult to co-ordinate bow ties and skinny ties as there is not as much variety. In addition, many gentleman are not keen on skinny ties and prefer the regular-sized tie.

Men's wedding accessories - Dapper bow tie

Patterns and paisleys

Whatever you choose to wear on the day is bound to polarise opinion among your family and guests. The most important thing is that it is your day and should be enjoyed. Every selection you make, from the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses, the bride’s dress (yes, there are alternatives to plain white), to the choice of song for your first dance as a married couple will say something about you individually and as a couple. Our advice is to please not feel obliged to wear the normal pastel colors that seem to be held in such high regard! Gentleman, don’t be afraid to wear paisleys, flowers and other abstract patterns which can truly brighten up the whole affair. We love making a statement.

Men's wedding accessories - Salmon bow tie
Men's wedding accessories - Dark pattern bow tie

Grooming the groom: The rules

Here are a few general rules for men:

  1. Pocket squares should not match your tie exactly
  2. Pocket squares are not always square
  3. Skinny ties work best with a one or two button jacket
  4. Practice your knot tie before the big day (premarital pressure can lead to lopsided ties which are never a good thing)

Men's wedding accessories - Braces and bow tie
Men's wedding accessories - Purple and navy stripes

Tempest London sells a range of neck ties and bow ties (among other things) and offers a bespoke service aimed specifically at wedding couples, with gentlemen’s accessories made to order. Find them at the Midland Wedding show at the Aston Villa Football ground on 19th March 2017.

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