Why we love handmade wedding invitations

Personalised, handmade wedding invitations to make your W-Day special

Since the trend for craft, vintage and DIY weddings shows no signs of slowing down, we thought we’d ask the experts about to what to look for when choosing your handmade wedding invitations.

Cathy Whaley at the Happy Whale Hand-Made Card Company, creators of hand-crafted stationery design, talks to Bouquet Catch about how to choose your homemade wedding invitations.

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“When planning your wedding, it’s tempting to concentrate initially principally on the dress, the flowers and where you will hold your special day but don’t forget that before your guests arrive, the scene of your wedding will already be set by the stationery that you choose.

These days, we live in a world where many things are mass produced and cheaply made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have exactly what you wanted in exactly the right colour, theme and style? And, with the onus on unique, personalised and hand-crafted, perhaps handmade wedding invitations are the right choice for you to make a big impression on your guests.

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So, where do you start? It’s important to consider the themes that would describe you best, both as individuals and as a couple. Do you dream of a vintage style wedding? Are you a nature lover? Would you love your stationery to be made from natural fabrics with a rustic feel? You could match elegant satin ribbons to coordinate with the colour scheme of your wedding with a luxury hessian, or use traditional designs and paper roses for the classic sophisticated look. Or, you could combine elements from nature such as beautiful leaves or dried flowers to give a more natural, eco impression.

Leaf and Hessian - handmade wedding invitations

Remember it is important to think about stationery from the beginning of your planning process. You might consider sending a ‘Save the date’ card or postcard as it will be a tangible reminder for your guests. In an age of electronic communication, junk mail and bills, there’s something quite charming and delightful about receiving a handcrafted notice of a special event to look forward to!

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When you decide on your budget, think about how much you want your stationery to be a part of it. The invitations are obviously the essentials but you are limited only by your imagination as to whether you would like to have place-settings, menus, favours, guestbook and thank you cards, all coordinating with each other and tying in with your wedding theme. Make sure you discuss your ideas, colours schemes and budget with each other and with your wedding stationery designer, and then sit back and watch as your personalised, bespoke stationery starts to come to life.

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Everyday life is busy enough so any help you can get with making the planning of your wedding day easier will naturally make it more enjoyable for you. A wonderful service is the hand-writing of as much or as little as you would like in your stationery. Imagine receiving 120 beautiful place-settings and being thrilled with them, then inwardly groaning as you realise you need to spend the next week writing the names of your guests on them!

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Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and potentially stressful times of your life. There will be many people offering you their own helpful advice, but you will have a core group who will be assisting you financially, emotionally and practically both on the day and beforehand. Your wedding stationer should be able to design and create personalised thank you cards to show your appreciation to those special people. This will be a wonderful keepsake for them. The thought and care that has gone into creating personalised and hand-crafted items speaks volumes and will be much appreciated.”

Will you go handmade or will you go for something printed? Or will you go one step further and make your own wedding invitations? Leave your comments below!

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All images by the Happy Whale Card Company.

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