Weird and wonderful wedding cake inspiration

Unusual wedding cake inspiration for the offbeat bride

Here at Bouquet Catch, if it’s iced, yummy and wedding-shaped, we’ll eat it. Never ones to turn down a good wedding fair, last week we popped along to Cake International at Alexandra Palace and the Wedding Fair at the Excel to get some inspiration (and grab a few free samples!). What we found was that the ‘trend’ for wedding cakes to look a certain way or follow a certain convention is fading; rather, post-Great British Bake Off, styles are getting more and more experimental and imaginative. Of course, some of the cakes we saw weren’t officially wedding cakes, but whoever said you can’t have a flying unicorn for your wedding cake?

Here are some of our faves (many of these were competition winners, too!):

Alice in Wonderland

Ah, Alice. Lewis Carroll’s creation has been sparking our imaginations for over a century, with modern-day brides looking to this fabulously mad wonderland for inspiration. We love the idea of placing cupcakes in teacups for the perfect vintage English tea party.

Wedding Cake Inspiration - Alice
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Tea Cups
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Mad Hatter
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Alice Caterpillar

Tropical island

Club Tropicana is back! This retro look is all over wedding styling this season. Top your wedding cake with a golden pineapple or a pair of neon flamingos.

Wedding Cake Inspiration - Tropical
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Golden Pineapple

Famous love stories

Why not create a tale as old as time by taking a famous couple from history and recreating them in cake form? Think Romeo and Juliet (with a less tragic ending), Bonnie and Clyde, or even create your own fairy story using books or pirates.
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Romeo and Juliet Books
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Bonnie and Clyde
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Books
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Pirates

Woodland foliage

Natural bark, foliage and berries add a rustic charm to your cake. Naked cakes on chunky wood slices are still in fashion, but there are plenty more creative avenues you can go down with clever icing. And it’s not just flowers and foliage that create texture – stick on some edible goodies like popcorn and macarons.
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Woodland
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Bark
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Popcorn and Macarons
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Snowdrops
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Naked
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Popcorn

Fashion forward

Why not combine the two most amazing parts of your day: fashion and cake? These amazing creations are something to aspire to – especially this dress made from 100% cake! And OK, so maybe you won’t wear a black Michael Kors handbag down the aisle, but what a great way to hat tip your favourite fashion designer.
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Wedding Dress
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Wedding Shoes
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Corset
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Michael Kors
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Ascot Cupcakes

Pattern heaven

Sometimes, it’s all about the detail. This blue Delft-inspired cake is ideal for a Dutch wedding, while the Art Deco Tiffany lamp pattern will fit a Gatsby wedding theme. And we can only gaze in admiration at the hours it must have taken this baker to achieve the quilling effect on the flowers below.

Wedding Cake Inspiration - Delft
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Tiffany Lamp
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Quilling

Classic colours

We couldn’t resist showcasing these amazing cakes featuring pink and gold, coral and mint and cherry blossom. OK, so they’re not going to set the world alight with their originality, but we still think they’d make beautiful wedding cakes…

Wedding Cake Inspiration - Pink and Gold
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Coral and Mint
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Cherry Blossom

Completely bonkers

Fantasy, horror, art, music – there’s no limit when it comes to what you can actually create with cake. The Moules Frites cake is making us hungry while the freakshow and butcher cakes are truly horrifying, if not amazing pieces of art. If these don’t give you wedding cake inspiration for a completely kooky, offbeat wedding day, we have no idea what will…

Wedding Cake Inspiration - Unicorn
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Dali
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Freakshow
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Butcher
Wedding Cake Inspiration - Moules Frites

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